English Newspapers of Pakistan

English Newspapers in Pakistan

English is not a national language of Pakistan but it has a status of unofficial official language in Pakistan. We all know English is the second largest native language having the honor of being official language in 70 countries of the world.

There are many newspapers in Pakistan publishing in English language from different cities of Pakistan. Most popular Newspapers in English are: Daily Dawn, Daily The News, Daily Frontier Post, Express Tribune, Business Recorder, Daily Times, The Friday Times, Pakistan Observer, The Statesman, Pakistan Today, Lahore Times, The Regional Times of Sindh

You are viewing category of "English Newspapers" of Newspaperspk.com, here in this category you will find almost all popular newspapers in English language publishing from different cities of Pakistan like: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Lahore, Quetta, Karachi and Hydeerabad Sindh

If you own a newspaper in english language and you want to add it to this list then please contact us with details i.e. newspaper name, website, brief introduction and cities of publications. Your newspaper will be added to this category after complete review. You can view Daily English Newspapers online and share your comments with others too.

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The News International 23 January 2018 English Newspaper

Daily The News InternationalThe news international is an English language newspaper that was in the peoples hand since February 11, 1991 under the banner of Jang group of newspapers. The editor Mr. Shaheen Sehbai has given the responsibility to the publisher Mr. Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman to be in the reader’s hands on daily basis. It is printed in English language and consists of 24 pages. There are lots of English language newspapers in Pakistan but The News International is one of the best English language newspaper in Pakistan. As now a days all the other newspapers have their e-paper versions, the editor of daily the news decided to have the e paper version of the news international. The e-paper version of the news international consists of 11 pages in which all the national, international, science related stuff, entertainment, horoscope and sports news are added, along with some other stuff according to the taste of the readers.

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The Frontier Post Today Newspaper Peshawar Pakistan

The Frontier Post EpaperThe Frontier Post is an independent, English language daily newspaper. It was launched in 1984. It is the only newspaper which is being published both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Frontier Post Pakistan’s Headquarter is in Peshawar but it is also being published in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Quetta. The Chief Editor and Publisher of Frontier Post is Rehmat Shah Afridi. The Director\Managing Editor is Jilal Afridi. The other two editors are Mahmood Afridi and Bilal Afridi. The USA correspondent and columnists Syed Adeeb.

Daily Frontier Post Newspaper possesses experts in their team. These are the people who make sure that we get quality content. It is there effort and bold way of presenting the news that keeps people interested in it. And this is one of the biggest reason of its popularity among people. This increase in popularity can also be seen on

Frontier Post Facebook page

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Daily Times Pakistan Newspaper Today Tue, 23-01-2018 Edition

Daily Times PakistanDaily Times Newspaper is known in the country as an English language newspaper which starts its journey in the month of April, 2002. The paper was owned by the late Governor of Punjab Salmaan Taseer. This daily served the people of Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. After its start it on April 9, 2002, there was no going back for this newspaper. In the early days it was not popular because of its moderate and worldly publications, and in the year 2006 this daily was accompanied by Rasheed Rahman as editor which until that time worked with the popular English dailies as executive editor. By the induction of Rasheed rahman and with the help of its publisher Shehryar Taseer this daily got its popularity graph up and up as the days goes on. The Daily Times is published on a broadsheet and the owner of this newspaper is Media Times Limited.

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Express Tribune 23 January 2018 Today Edition

Express Tribune EpaperThe Express Tribune is a daily English language newspaper in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s only internationally affiliated newspaper in partnership with International New York times. The Express Tribune is the Global edition of New York Times. It was launched on 12 April 2010 in Karachi. The Tribune Express is the first broad sheet format newspaper which is distinctive from Pakistan’s traditional newspapers.

The world Tribune means “a champion of people’s right” and that can be seen clearly in the editorial stance which has been identifying and addressing the social as well as the political issues. The Express Tribune newspaper is a supporter of Citizens Foundation (TCF) a local not for profit organization providing education to the needy children. Up to 30% of its subscription profits are donated to TCF.

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Daily The Nation 23 January 2018 Newspaper Today Edition

The Nation EpaperThe Nation is an Enlish language daily which has the responsibility to provide the latest happenings in the country in English. Keeping in view the English is becoming the most spoken langauge of the world for that this daily started it’s publication in the English language. This daily started its journey in 1986 and proved to be one of the oldest daily which is famous for its news coverage. The publishing responsibilities were given to Majid Nizami who effortlessly took the responsibilty and published the news in the way reader wants to read. At the present the editor ship of Daily The Nation is handled by Saleem bukhari who also is a very devoted person and with the help of an excellent team this daily has got the trust of the readers. Daily the nation is published from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad by Nawaiwaqt Group of Newspapers.