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Daily Dawn 24 August 2019 Newspaper Today News

Daily DawnThe dawn news paper is one of the oldest English language newspaper in Pakistan which has the history of providing authentic news to the readers. The dawn newspaper is founded by the great Quaid-e-Azam on 26th October 1941 from Delhi India. In the starting days of its journey it was published after every seven days means at the start it was just a weekly newspaper. At that time main theme of dawn newspaper was to give the news as they happened without the difference of being a Muslim or a Hindu and also give all the happenings in economic, educational, social and more particularly political, throughout the country fearlessly and independently. Daily Dawn came in the hands of readers on the daily basis in October 1942 under the supervision of its first editor, Pothan Joseph. From that day it was no backing of for the dawn newspaper and then Pothan Joseph left in 1947.

After the partition Dawn Newspaper was without editor and for the sake of its survival it was a necessity for a newspaper to have an editor. So in 1944 Altaf Husain took the responsibility of the editor of the dawn newspaper. After Altaf Husain took over the responsibility of being the editor of dawn newspaper, he shifted its head office to the federal capital Karachi and starts its publications from there. While in the starting days Altaf Husain faced some criticism from the Indian party (Congress) of printing some news that they think was humiliating to them. In 1947 the senior staff of the dawn newspaper permanently shifted to Karachi under the facilitation of Yusuf Haroon, who helped it a lot in the starting days of publication. With the efforts of Altaf Husain the dawn newspaper got the huge amount of readership because of its outspoken printing policies.

As all the recent newspapers are doing something new every day to be in the competition it is necessary to be a newspaper that has the news of all kinds and those news or every other stuff should be according to the taste of the readers. Dawn Epaper is one of them which comes in the hands of its readers with all the happenings in the country and outside, and according to the estimates, the weekly circulation is estimated to be 145,00 and the readership exceeds to 765,000. By seeing the popularity graph going up it was necessary to launch an epaper version of the dawn newspaper which gives its readers all the happenings under one click.

The e-paper version of the dawn newspaper consists of thirty two pages that has all the happenings in the country, letters of the editor, advertisements regarding tender notices, some articles related to the country’s business condition, some articles that covers the hot topics in the other countries, sports and also articles that shows the happenings in the other cities of the country. If a reader wants to read the e paper version of the dawn newspaper he/she just type the URL in the address bar of its browser. The URL is

Dawn Group of Newspapers has also a magazine called The Herald Magazine and as the dawn newspaper has its history of providing the news as they happen, this magazine has got the popularity by adopting the same pattern. The Sunday magazine of the dawn newspaper consists of seven pages that tell the review of all the happenings in the past week and if a reader didn’t get the time to read it it’s a perfect time to read the review of the past happenings and with some latest news.
Dawn Newspaper Head Office Address:
Haroon House,
Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road Karachi – 74200 Pakistan
Mr. Zaffar Abbas
Editor Dawn Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If anyone wants to contact with any of the dawn newspaper team here is a URL link that will provide with the e-mail ids of the concerned persons. The URL is

Dawn TV is also very popular in Pakistan for its latest breaking and authentic news, talk shows and current affairs programs. Dawn News TV was launched in 2007 as first Pakistani English News Channel. But after sometime Dawn TV totally broadcasts its News transmission in Urdu.

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