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Family Magazine 24 August 2019

Weekly Family MagazineThe family magazine is one of the most popular magazines of Pakistan and this is the product of Nawaiwaqt Group of Newspapers. Nawaiwaqt Family magazine mostly covers women related topics like beauty, health, fashion, jewelry and cooking recipes. This is published from Lahore on weekly basis.

Family Magazine publishes reader’s letter with name of editor kay naam. Family magazine publishes the top political stories of past week for the readers having deep interest in politics. Here readers can read simple essay about current affairs of Pakistan and try to highlight reality behind the political dramas.

The family magazine always tries to keep informed its reader about rest of the world by publishing articles, columns and news. Its science section provides information to readers about what is going on the world of science, what is new invention, is scientist discover any new treatment, discover new galaxy, star, creature etc.

It also publishes jokes for children with name of cartoon to entertain its cute readers. In poetry section of the magazine readers find funny poetry and jokes for children.

Weekly Family Magazine is based on many section or subjects through which it manages its reading material with different sub titles. In the family magazine there is a page with name of Khaber Saz where readers can read the top news of the week having strong political impact. It also touches the Islamic topics under the name of Deen Ki Batien. Through this section readers ask about their Islam related problems and Islamic scholar give them solution in the family magazine. 

There is a specific section for women with the name of khawateen ka safhat where family magazine try to give them easy beauty tips that how to make glowing face, shining and silky hair.  In women section of magazine they can read most favorite topics suppose tips about health, cooking recipes and fitness tips. Family magazine published stories and dramas for women because women are the main readers the magazine throughout Pakistan.

The Family Digest is the part of family magazine where readers can read the stories. These stores based on weekly series or episodes so that’s why readers wait desperately wait for latest issue of family digest.

Horoscope is now become a main part of any magazine because this our desire to get inform about the future. Horoscope gives little hints and tendencies about specific star for next week. This page is published under the name of astrology.

Haft Roza Family Magazine reserves a page for family clinic in this chapter readers read about the health relates issue where Pakistan’s top doctors give some tips, remedies and precautions.  Readers ask about their health problems through letters and family magazine doctors give them easy and effective solutions to solve their health problems.

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