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Daily Aaj 24 August 2019 Saturday Newspaper Today

Daily Aaj EpaperThere are lots of newspapers that are serving the people of Abbottabad and Peshawar and giving the news as they happen to the people of these cities and also that are published daily and in multiple languages. But Daily AAJ newspaper is one of the famous newspaper amongst them started its journey in Urdu language which is simultaneously published from Peshawar and Abbottabad and serving the people of Pakistan since 1989. Daily Aaj Epaper can be viewed online by typing this URL, this online version was started for those people who don’t have the time or resources to go to any hawker and buy it, and also it is helpful in reading the news that happened in the past dates. The executive editor of Roznama Aaj is Ali Yusuf Zai the name of its joint editor is Habib-ur-rehman and the person which served Daily AAj Newspaper as an editor is Abdul Waheed Yousufi.

The Daily AAJ Abbottabad serves the people of the city of pines by printing a newspaper that consists of eight pages at a price of seven rupees and it is available at any hawker of the locality. The roznama AAJ Abbottabad can also be visited online by visiting the following URL

The Daily AAJ Peshawar consists of ten pages at a price of twelve rupees and is available at any hawker in the locality. The Daily AAJ Peshawar helped the people of Peshawar by launching an online version which can be viewed by typing the URL index.php?city=peshawar. As the circulation rate of Roznama AAJ is increasing day by day and the competition in the field of print and web media this competition makes the job of the editors of all the neewspapers currently helping the people of the country, keeping in view the same thing the edotor and publisher of Daily AAJ Newspaper decided to launch a facebook page that has all breaking news links and also containd the links to some important political talk shows programes that are shown on it’s news channel.

The facebook page of Roznama AAJ can be accessed by typing the URL, to be in the competitve world of the print media on to be the socialy known newspaper it is necessary to be also more on the social websites, keeping in view the same thinking the editor also decided to be on another socail website named “TWITTERand the page can be viewed by typingthe following URL in the address bar of your web browser

In todays world of globalization and to be at the people service 24/7 all the newspapers have to be equipped with the latest and up to dated technologies as well as the latest terminologies. So for that purpose the editor of Roznama AAJ decided to launch the e paper version of Daily AAJ Newspaper to be in the competitive world of those which keep the people well informed about all the latest happenings inside and outside of the country. AAJ Epaper consists of twelve pages that have breaking news, all the happenings in the country, outside the country, news from the sports world, all the happenings in the business world, all the latest happenings in the fashion industry through out the world. It also contains the links of videos of the talk shows that is shown its news channel. It also contains the article area that shows the article written by the writers which write ofr the Roznama AAJ about the important happenings in the country as well as throughout the world. The blog section of the e-paper version of Daily AAJ Epaper is in English language and consists of the blogs. It also has the latest job offerings in the major cities of the country and also the latest job pfferings in the Middle East. The e-paper version of Roznama Aaj can be viewed by typingthe following URL

By keeping in the taste of the readers the editor of AAJ Akhbar decided to launch a news channel which is responsible to show all the latest happenings in the political world by arranging talkshows and also some fuuny programes that highlight some of the major problems of the country in an entertaing way. Some of the famous programes are "The late night show with Begum Nawazish Ali", "4 Man Show", and Live with Talat. The URL that is resposible for giving the viewers the Aaj TV News Channel of the Daily Aaj Newspaper is

The Rozanama AAJ can be conatcted by the following means

Telephone #: (091)2261385-86-87,

Fax # (091) 2261285,

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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