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Daily Aaj Kal Newspaper in Urdu

Daily Aaj Kal EpaperAaj kal newspaper is a daily which has the feature of giving all the latest happenings in Pakistan and other parts of the world in Urdu language by Media Times Ltd. It started to serve the people of Pakistan from 2008. It is publishing from Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. It covers almost all the latest happenings with breaking news. It also covers news across the country, across the globe, the happenings in politics, in the business world, sports, weather and also news from the financial world.

Daily Aaj Kal contains four pages and can be available at any news hawker at a price of six rupees. To be in the reach of those who want to read the latest happenings across the globe within minutes the chief editor of this daily thought of launching the online version of this daily which was a great step.

By seeing the popularity graph going up and up and also to be on the top in the field of journalism the chief editor of this daily comes up with a thought of launching the e-paper version for this daily. The reason to launch the e-paper version for this daily is to further strengthen the trust of the people which Roznama Aaj Kal has maintained during its journey till now. The e-paper version of this daily is an excellent place for all those people who want to read the news as they happen and also it gives an excellent opportunity to those who want a job in gulf countries by visiting its job vacancies page. It also provides some good stuff from the fashion industry.

Aajkal Epaper consists of four pages too. The front page contains all the latest news nationwide and also the news from around the world. The second page contains columns written by different columnist which highlight the burning issues of the country as well as the political issues in the country. The last page or back page of this daily contains the remaining of those stories which are on the front page and there is not enough space for the full story. As the online version joins this daily it really boost up the circulation rate and the readership also increased rapidly.

By the induction of online and e-paper version of this daily has broadly increases the circulation rate by seeing this the chief editor thought of launching this daily to the social websites, so that it further increases the circulation rate. For that he launches the face book page of this daily which covers all the latest news as they happen and also this gives some excellent variety of readers. Because on social websites there is a huge amount of leadership that come and want some good and quick information, and this daily provide them just that type of information. The Face book page can be accessed by typing the following web address     

As this daily is responsible for providing daily news to the readers the chief editor thought of launching the Sunday magazine for the sake of readers. So for that the chief editor launches the Daily Aaj Kal Sunday Magazine which can be available at any news hawker and also it is available on the internet. The Sunday magazine consist of twenty pages and the stuff includes in it is totally dependent on the taste of the reader, so that if someone starts reading it he/she will not get bored. The Sunday magazine can be viewed online by typing the following URL  By all the efforts of the chief editor with the help of the devoted team the day is not very far when this daily will become the leader of all the newspaper in the field of journalism.

You can contact daily aaj kal by visiting its official website:
Phone Number  +92-42-35878614 +92-42-35878615
Fax  +92-042-35878620
Official Website:


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