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Daily Khabrain 24 August 2019 Saturday Newspaper Today

Daily Khabrain Epaper

Roznama khabrain is an Urdu language newspaper, which started to circulate its valuable information among the people of Pakistan on 26th September 1992, from Lahore Punjab under the supervision of chief editor Zia Shahid. It is published daily consisting of fourteen pages at a price of twelve rupees and can be bought from any hawker. The circulation rate of Daily khabrain is more than 250,000 copies per day, which tells the true story of its popularity among people. Being the fourth on the popularity graph the editor Imtanan Shahid got a huge responsibility on his shoulders to be on time and the material in the Roznama khabrain should be according to the taste of the readers. Daily khabrain covers all the happenings in the country specially politics in Pakistan and all over the world. Its sports, fashion, beauty, health, islamic and kids editionsare also very popular among urdu newspaper readers. 

Daily khabrain Newspaper consist of fourteen pages and it can be in the hands of the people of Pakistan in only twelve rupees. Roznama khabrain covers all the happenings of the country and also have very good articles that are written that give insight of the Pakistani cities problems. Khabrain akhbar is famous on social media too as it has a huge fan followers because of printing news that represents the boldness of the editor, and also his devotion towards providing the best news as they happen. For those who don’t have the facility of hawker in their locality or they don't have money to buy its print version they can view it online by visiting khabraingroup website:

As all the newspaper of the world are in competition and tries to do something new, almost all of them have their e-paper version. By seeing this and to stay in the competition the editor of roznama khabrain decided to launch the e paper version of roznama khabrain, consisting of eleven pages and the material is designed in a way that the reader will face no difficulty in finding news or other stuff regarding his/her taste. The front page of Khabrain Epaper has got the review of all the stuff that has its detail inside, when you click on the news you wants to see it will open in full view. The editor of daily khabrain took a keen interest in developing and designing of this epaper version for daily khabrain, because in today’s world of globalization one must have the uniqueness and also must come up with new ideas.

The e-paper version for daily khabrain also has a Khabrain Sunday Magazine which comes in the hands of the readers after every seven days. The compilation of this Sunday magazine is also done with a keen interest and also with the taste of the reader. As other magazines this also has the main page with a picture of a beautiful girl and with a review of some major stories that a reader will find inside. In daily khabrain a keen reader will find the news regarding problems of the country, fashion, health, some hot news from other countries, some advertisements, articles that portray the cruel face of community and all other stuff that a reader can be called for. 

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