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Nawaiwaqt 24 August 2019 Newspaper in Urdu

Daily Nawaiwaqt ePaperNawa-i-waqt is an Urdu daily newspaper which started to circulate information among readers on 23rd of march 1940, under the kind supervision of Hameed Nizami. After he passed away his younger brother got the rights to publish  Nawaiwaqt. In the starting days Nawa-i-waqt comes in the hands of the people after the period of 14 days. From 15th December 1942 the editor decided to publish Nawa-i-waqt from fortnightly to weekly basis. This was the first step taken towards taking the popularity graph up. It is printed from Lahore in Urdu language. By seeing its popularity in Lahore and other cititles, on 19th July 1944, the owner of Nawa-e-waqt newspaper decided to publish it daily.

Nawaiwaqt Newspaper consists of sixteen pages and its price is 12 Pakistan Rupees. The first five pages of this newspaper cover the current happenings in the country. The pages 6, 7, & 8 are reserved for the local news, nawaiwaqt jobs and some advertisements. The 9 & 10 are reserved for that news which has their headlines on the front page and complete story on these pages. Page 11 is reserved for sports news & the remaining pages contains some more advertisements and any special occasion in the city from which Daily Nawaiwaqt is published, also got the space. The Roznama Nawa-i-Waqt continues to circulate its information in five major cities i.e. Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan and Karachi Pakistan.

As all other popular newspapers, Nawaiwqt has its e-paper version which contains news from all over the country including politics, current affairs, health, sports, fashion and some international news. Nawaiwaqt epaper can be accessed online by viewing the following web address

As the popularity graph was going up day by day, the editor Hameed Nizami thought of introducing some stuff that attract the reader. So he decided to publish nawaiwaqt weekly magazines to further entertain the readers. The magazines include three weekly magazines like Nawaiwaqt Sunday Magazine, Family Magazine, NidaiMillat Magazine and one monthly magazine for kids known as Phool Magazine.

The Nawaiwaqt Sunday Magazine has twenty four pages that consist of articles advertisements and daily Horoscope. The second weekly magazine of nawaiwaqt is Family Magazine consisting of sixty four pages, which has articles on politics, fashion and some other stuff which entertain the readers. The third weekly magazine of Daily Nawa i waqt is Nidaimillat consist of sixty pages that contain all the happenings of politics in the country and some news of other countries, and the readers of this magazine anxiously wait for the next week so that this magazine will be in their hands. As the weekly magazines grew popular among the readers, Hameed Nizami thought there should be something for the kids also. So for this he introduced a monthly Phool Magazine for kids which contains 72 pages. The stuff in it is specifically designed for the interest of kids and also for the character building of the children.

Now it’s the matter of becoming competitive and efficient so after publishing the magazines Nawaiwaqt Group of Newspapers thought that in today’s fast pace world where everyone is so much busy that people don’t have time to read the newspapers for information gathering, so for that reason a news channel named Waqt News TV took the responsibility to give news to its viewers under the supervision of Hameed Nizami in the year 2007, and considered to be the most effective news channel for providing live news, talk shows and other programs.

Nawaiwaqt Address:
You can contact nawaiwaqt officials by visiting these addresses:

Nawaiwaqt Lahore Office
NIPCO House, 4 Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, LAHORE (Pakistan)
Tel : 092-42-6367580
Fax : 092-42-6367005
Nawaiwaqt Karachi Office
Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Phase V, Defence Housing Society, KARACHI-(Pakistan)
Tel : 092-21-5843720-3
Fax : 092-21-5854932
Nawaiwaqt Islamabad Office
Nawaiwaqt House, Zero Point, ISLAMABAD-(Pakistan)
Tel : 092-51-2202641-4
Fax : 092-51-2202645-6
Nawaiwaqt Multan Office
Nawaiwaqt House, Abdali Road, MULTAN-(Pakistan)
Tel : 092-61-545571-4
Fax : 092-61-580958

Official Websites:

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